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How to control your blood sugar level

Imagine… No restrictive diet. No crazy exercise program.

How a 59-year-old Diabetic Man Slashed 80 points from his Fasting Blood Sugar — literally overnight!

Three days later, he stopped
taking insulin for good!

Drugs and Insulin failed to budge his dangerously high numbers. But then

Hi, my name is Doctor Marlene Merritt. And while it may seem incredible, I’ve developed a 100% natural “Diabetes Reversal Recipe.”

The key is to say “no” to restrictive diets. They’re impossible for most people to stick with.

Instead… my revolutionary “Diabetes Reversal Recipe” enables you to enjoy the food you and your body crave… food that flips your blood sugar “switch” back ON… so your body quickly and efficiently burns up all the sugar in your blood stream… like striking a match to gasoline!

Just ask 59-year-old John Hiatt…

John’s a Type II Diabetic whose blood sugar had been rising for years… so his doctor put him on 3 different blood sugar meds and 2 kinds of insulin.

But even with all that churning in his body, his fasting glucose soared to dangerously high levels — bouncing between 200 and 275.

That’s organ-failure territory!

All that roaming sugar thickened his blood and slowed his circulation. As a result, his vision got blurrier each day. His organs, hands, and feet were slowly starving to death, robbed of the nutrients they needed.

No wonder he lived in fear of the day — a day he prayed would never come — when his doctor would put a hand on his shoulder and break the bad news…

“Sorry, John… you’re going to lose that foot.”

Then, one Sunday night, alone at his computer, John stumbled upon my “Diabetes Reversal Recipe.” He learned he could still eat delicious foods that automatically turned his blood sugar “switch” back ON.

He had nothing to lose. So he put it to work that very night.

The next morning, John checked his blood sugar and was shocked — his blood sugar had dropped 80 points!

He wondered if it was a fluke — would his blood sugar bounce back up again? To test this, he continued the plan that day and the next morning…

His blood sugar dropped again — 40 more points!

He was astonished: a drop of 120 points in just 2 days? He had never seen anything like it before.

But the amazing part was when he decided to stop taking insulin that very night. Understandably, his wife was worried — what if John’s blood sugar shot up during the night? What if he slipped into a diabetic coma?

Well, when he woke on the third day of following the Diabetes Reversal Recipe, both he and his wife were shocked to see that his numbers had stayed at their all-new low!

As a result,

John hasn’t taken a drop of insulin since!

This means he pockets an extra $400 a month — that’s how much he used to pay for insulin out of his own money. That’s $5 grand a year for him to keep; as he calls it, “it’s a vacation in Hawaii.”

Plus, as an added “bonus”, John lost 25 pounds — without trying. He says his gut is “almost gone.” His friends do a double-take when they see him for the first time.

John says, “This was an epiphany. I thank God for Dr. Marlene.”

I am truly humbled to hear from people like John… people who were desperate for a way to lower their high blood sugar… who hated taking a fistful of pills and injecting insulin every day…

…but who felt they had no other choice:

Eat brown rice, tofu and carrots for the rest of my life? No thank you! I’d rather — I’d rather be sick

So their eyes light up like a Christmas tree when they discover they can feast on delicious food… and…

…watch their blood sugar numbers sink like a stone!

And that’s when their amazed doctor says, “Time to cut down your meds!” Like Charles W.’s doctor told him…

“My doctor eliminated one medication (Invokana) and lowered my Levemir insulin from 52 units twice a day to 40 units twice a day. I also have all but stopped injecting Humalog at meals. Your Diabetes Reversal Recipe has been a Godsend to me.”

And Warlan B. from Mountainview, AR, who stunned her doctor:

“My doctor had to cut my insulin dosages in half because my blood sugars have gone so low. I went from an A1C of 6.9 to one of 6.3 in twelve weeks, and I was only using the Diabetes Reversal Recipe for the final six of those twelve weeks! He says he never heard of such a thing.”

“I also lost eleven pounds in that same period, the only time in the last thirty years I’ve been able to lose any substantial weight. I brag about your plan to everyone I know. It works. And it’s so EASY.”

That’s why you can eat this way for the rest of your life! Because it’s easy! This is the key. Everyone is different, so of course some folks take longer than others to lower their blood sugar. But because I’m not asking you to “tough it out” or rely on willpower, you get to enjoy eating while your body heals.

Because while you savor each mouth-watering bite, the specific nutrients in the Diabetes Reversal Recipe go to work, invisibly repairing your blood sugar “machinery.” Here’s how: Essentially,

Each cell in our bodies has a blood sugar “switch”…

When the switch is “ON”, our cells burn the sugar from meals… just as soon as we eat.

That means you can eat ice cream, a candy bar, whatever — and all that sugar gets burned up as energy.

Maybe you’ve even known people like that… people who can eat whatever they want without worry. Lucky devils.

Well, this is why — their Blood Sugar Switch is “ON.”

But for many of us, our switch turns “OFF.” What does this?

The hormone Insulin.

That might sound odd, because as you may know, insulin is the hormone that stores sugar into your cells. Without insulin, sugar can’t get inside. You definitely need it.

But here’s the strange thing…

Too much insulin over time is the same as having too little — both cause your blood sugar switch to turn OFF. Here’s why:

Think of insulin as the “key” that opens the “lock” on your cells. When insulin works properly, it opens the cell doors, and sugar races inside to be burned as energy.

But over time, too much insulin exposure damages these locks: they get “stripped” from over-use.

When this happens, you have insulin resistance. Your cells resist insulin, and so you don’t efficiently burn sugar. Your switch turns OFF.

With nowhere to go, that sugar gets stored as fat — ballooning your waistline!

Worse, it piles up dangerously in your body. It thickens your blood, slows your circulation, and can permanently damage your eyes, organs, and feet.

But here’s where the Diabetes Reversal Recipe works its cellular magic. With a precise calibration of nutrients, it works to flip the blood sugar switch in your body back “ON” — reversing even years of insulin resistance — so you can burn up sugar again and rush it from your bloodstream.

That means lower blood sugar numbers than you’ve seen in years!

Just like Robert C. from Canton, NC saw:

“My A1C was 6.9… down from previous visit’s 7.4. Weight down 6 pounds. My doctor took me off Lantus. Blood Glucose readings are mostly within normal range… all from using the Diabetes Reversal Recipe.”

And now you can put the Diabetes Reversal Recipe to transform your life!

Here’s how: I’ve put the Diabetes Reversal Recipe into simple, step-by-step instructions, in a book called…

Smart Blood Sugar!

I’m ready NOW!Show me the bonuses!

This handy guide is the product of my training in natural medicine plus years of perfecting the Diabetes Reversal Recipe at my Wellness Center in Austin, Texas.

There’s no fluff or technical jargon to wade through. Just practical, real-world help. This means you get to the “good stuff” you can use today.

So now you can lower your blood sugar and reverse your diabetes… in the fastest, easiest, and tastiest way possible!

You won’t have to tear out your hair counting calories or deciphering complex plans, like with the “low-glycemic index”…

…and you can ignore restrictive “rabbit diets” — the kind of diet you find on the American Diabetes Association website…

In fact, there’s one ADA guideline that can ruin your chance of ever reversing diabetes — I’ll tell you what it is and why you can safely ignore it!

Instead of all the hassle, you get my simple blueprint for lowering blood sugar: The Diabetes Reversal Recipe.

And as powerful as this is, there’s even more in Smart Blood Sugar.

You’ll also get extra “bonus material”…

You see, I’ve picked up a handful of “quick tricks” that shortcut the healing process and make it even easier… and I want you to have these shortcuts in your back pocket when you need them…

Shortcuts like…

…How to eliminate sugar cravings — without will power.

It’s actually simple when you discover what drives a “sweet tooth” — it’s not something you’re born with. Sugar cravings come from specific “programming” in the brain, but I’ll show you the easy way to “Feed your brain”, so the cravings disappear.

You can still enjoy sugar, by the way — you just won’t be a slave to it. You will be in control.

In fact…

You Can Lower Blood Sugar While Eating Sugar!

It may sound too good to be true, but I’ll show you a 60-Second “Cheat trick” that forces your body’s cells — even if they’re “insulin resistant” — to instantly gobble up sugar from your blood stream… even when you indulge in that slice of chocolate cake. (Your lab results will still impress your doc — he’ll never know you “cheated.”)

Plus, you’ll see what you should have in your fridge at all times to keep hunger away…

  • The bite-sized snacks to keep in your pocket for an instant pick-me-up…Personal story: These tiny energizers kept me going when I pedaled my bike across the country. These treats worked like magic to give me long-lasting energy without a crash, unlike energy bars. If they could keep me pedaling for 20 miles a day, imagine what they’ll do for you. I now keep a few in my purse at all times.Plus more helpful “tricks”…
  • How to order at a restaurant like a normal person… Just by requesting THIS at the start of the meal. Then order whatever you want.
  • Do you crave cola? You’ll see the easy way to kick a soda habit, even if you currently guzzle it by the case. This sneaky trick will fool your taste buds so you don’t miss the cola…
  • How to enjoy healthy sweeteners: Most sweeteners spike your blood sugar and are toxic for your body (like aspartame). But it’s easy to pick the right kind when you shop — you just have to spot three specific letters on the label.
  • The Japanese “miracle noodles” that don’t raise blood sugar one iota. You’ll love their mild flavor and soft, chewy texture. Please your pasta cravings without spiking your blood sugar…

Plus, I’ll show you my 6 “Magic Bullets” for beating high blood sugar. These 6 natural herbs and nutrients boost insulin production, blunt sugar cravings, and block blood sugar spikes after meals.

(One of these, a Malaysian herb, works fast — within an hour after eating).

And one more thing — I’ve also included…

My “Heavy Artillery” For Lowering Blood Sugar!

These 2 blood sugar busters can reset your blood sugar switch in the shortest time possible.

I do have to warn you: these 2 “big guns” take a bit of effort, and they may not be for everyone. But if you choose to use them, they work like magic.

The first is the fastest way to reverse insulin resistance. What is it? A specific form of movement that vacuums up extra glucose in your blood stream.

But don’t worry — this isn’t the same old “exercise for 30 minutes a day” boring advice you may have heard. In fact, this takes just a few minutes.

(Forget wasting your mornings like those poor souls stuck on a treadmill — you’ll be done before they’ve even warmed up!)

And the second “Big Gun” is actually a secret found in Scripture.

This religious practice (which anyone can use, no matter your denomination) almost miraculously resets blood sugar. In fact, you can do this just once a month and enjoy lower blood sugar for days.

True story — I’ve even read of one doctor who does this faithfully every other day… and then on the other days, she eats whatever she wants… we’re talking all the McDonalds and candy bars she feels like — and she still remains healthy. She’s slim as a rail.

(Not that I’m recommending you do this, but it does show how effective this ancient technique can lower blood sugar and drop extra weight.)

Put all this together, and Smart Blood Sugar delivers everything you need to know to get your blood sugar under control… faster and easier than you thought possible — even if you feel like you’ve seen it all.

Like Phillip T. of Alexandria, VA told me:

“The best book on Diabetes, EVER! It’s brief, to the point and easy to understand and follow. I have been able to reduce my medication as I watch my blood sugar come down every morning. My A1C dropped to a multi-year low by following the Diabetes Reversal Recipe. Thank you!”

And remember that it’s easy to put the Diabetes Reversal Recipe to work — it’s so easy in fact, you can “do it in your head,” like octogenarian Richard H., of Cooks, MI found:

“If you don’t like lots of record keeping, and you don’t want to have to buy exotic foods, you can do this plan in your head. My doctor was very happy with the results (I have also lost 5 pounds) and he said I am in the best health since I started seeing him some 5 years ago. I just celebrated my 81st birthday. THANKS for helping me get my health back!”

Now, I can’t promise you’ll achieve the exact results you’ve heard today. Your results depend on several factors, including how closely you follow the Diabetes Reversal Recipe. Your blood sugar may take longer to heal… or… it may heal even faster. That’s why I strongly recommend you wait for your doctor’s blessing before you stop taking any medication.

But this is the only method I know of that safely and naturally gets your blood sugar under control.

So if you’re sick and tired of “feeling sick and tired”… of living with unpleasant drug side effects…

…if you’ve tried “dieting” before and it hasn’t worked… then give Smart Blood Sugar a try. Just click the big button below to get started.

And you risk nothing when you act today…

You’re protected with an extremely generous 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You have a full two months to decide if Smart Blood Sugar is right for you. If you’re not completely thrilled with Smart Blood Sugar — for any reason — then you get a no-hassle refund anytime in the next two months.

To get started, all you need to do is click the big order button below. Next, you’ll see a secure ordering page. After your order is processed, you’ll be able to download your digital copy of Smart Blood Sugar without delay.

You can also receive a physical copy of the book for a small shipping and handling fee.

As soon as you download your copy of Smart Blood Sugar on to your computer or other device, you’ll be able to put the Diabetes Reversal Recipe into action. It’s that simple. At your very next meal — today — you can begin turning your blood sugar switch back “ON.”

And it’s easy to get started today with the low price I’ve reserved for you.

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree that this kind of potentially life-saving information is extremely valuable…

Many of my patients pay several hundred dollars, starting with a $150 fee for their first visit. That’s when I share the Diabetes Reversal Recipe and explain how it works.

But I want to make sure as many people as possible avoid the horrors of uncontrolled diabetes. I don’t want price to keep you from that. So I’ve arranged with my publisher to price Smart Blood Sugar at half this starting price — just $67.


That’s not the price YOU will pay today.

By watching this entire presentation to the end, you’ve proven you’re committed to improving your health. You’re the kind of person willing to take action.

When I see a patient like you, I get a big smile on my face — because it means my job is halfway done.

So as a thank you, you can have Smart Blood Sugar for a fraction of its value…

For only $67… $27!

And remember you don’t risk a penny of that. You have an entire two months to check out the plan and still get your money back, hassle free.

But wait — it gets better.

When you order today, I have something really special for you…

Five FREE Gifts!

…that make the Diabetes Reversal Recipe even easier!

“7 Day Meal Plan

Here’s the deal: I handed the Diabetes Reversal Recipe to an expert chef and asked her to design simple-to-follow recipes… for delicious, scrape-the-bottom-of-the-plate meals… that follow the Diabetes Reversal Recipe to a “T”. And boy did she deliver!

She created months of these delicious, precisely calibrated recipes that are easy to make — most take 20 to 30 minutes, and many can be made in advance and frozen for the week. (Especially nice when you come home and just want to eat!)

And you get 7 days of these recipes for free — with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for the next week. Bar none, this is the easiest way to put the Diabetes Reversal Recipe into action.

And to make these recipes even more of a no-brainer, you also get a complete “Grab it ‘n’ Go” Ingredient Shopping List for every ingredient you’ll need for the meals. Just take the Shopping List with you to the grocery store, and you’ll be in and out in under an hour. Ready for the whole week. It couldn’t be simpler.

Plus, you’ll enjoy what happens when your family digs in to these dishes…

As Susan C. from Franklin, TX discovered…

“At first I wondered if my husband would be willing to try the recipes… but we couldn’t be happier! I have been cooking every meal and we both enjoy the meals and have not been hungry in between. I have lost 10 pounds and my A1C is at an all-time low of 5.8. My problem with eating healthy was always knowing what to cook, but with the grocery list and recipes it has truly been easy and enjoyable.”

And as you’ll see, you enjoy plenty of variety. Each one of these recipes draws from a huge list of foods that fight lower blood sugar.

And for your second free gift, you get a handy guide to these foods, so you can “bullet proof” your pantry against high blood sugar…

“99 Foods for Diabetics”

These 99 foods have been shown in several studies to reduce insulin resistance, lower blood glucose levels, strengthen your immune system, and prevent diabetes-related complications like neuropathy, kidney failure, and blindness.

Plus, you’ll see why these 99 foods work: each food comes with a list of its key macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals and a concise explanation of how these specific nutrients lower high blood sugar.

And you’ll see these foods do a lot more than just battle high blood sugar…

Like the fruit that wards off gout attacks … the food that prevents bruising… the mild type of lettuce that can save your eyesight… the spice that soothes joints and calms upset stomach… plus dozens more health bonuses.

Of course, you don’t need to read the details — you can just select a food that gets your mouth watering and dig in.

Plus, you get three more bonus guides…

“How To Read a Food Label”

Food companies have invented all sorts of sly ways to sneak in junk ingredients… but they won’t make a fool out of you! With this handy guide, you’ll be able to spot blood sugar-raising ingredients at a glance.

“Carb Count Cheat Sheet”

This list of over 40 restaurant and packaged foods shows how you can safely eat yummy treats from Krispy Kreme, Subway, Olive Garden, and others. Enjoy eating out without missing out.

And last (and maybe most popular)…

“Alcohol That Works”

You’ll see how you can lower your blood sugar and still enjoy alcohol — even everyday if you choose. (Plus you get a bartender’s guide to 5 decadent, blood sugar-safe cocktails — including whiskey sours, cosmopolitans, and margaritas.)

And remember you get all these free — you still pay only $27 before this video ends — as my thank you for taking action today.

Until now, this program was only available to my private patients who spent hundreds of dollars to get it

But now you get this same advice at a fraction of the cost and without having to leave your home. “YES! Heal My Blood Sugar

Picture yourself waking up and feeling more alive…

…more focused, and more hopeful than you have in years.

No more worries about blood sugar, like losing a limb to amputation.

Instead you’ll feel excited about the future. You’ll have the strength and energy to enjoy each day to the fullest. And you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be around for your family.

You can do this. The book and the bonus gifts show you every simple step to take. All that’s left is for you to take that first step and click the button below.

And remember that I’m taking all the risk — you get every penny back if you wish.

Claim Your Five FREE Bonus Gifts With Your Order TODAY!

So click the button below to lock in the ultra-low $27 price.

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Again, you are completely covered with a very generous 60-day money back guarantee, so you don’t risk anything. Just order now, while you’re determined to get your health back today.

Be Well,

Dr. Marlene Merritt

P.S. I cannot stress how easy it is to use the Diabetes Reversal Recipe. So let me show you: when you order right now, I’ll also “unlock” a special free link to a video (normally there’s a charge to access it) of a master chef as she prepares a meal that follows the Diabetes Reversal Recipe.

Enjoy this tasty dinner tonight if you choose! Just click the order button below, and you’ll see a link for “Free Diabetes Reversal Recipe Cooking Video” on the same page as the download link for Smart Blood Sugar.

P.P.S. Oh, and remember, on that same page you’ll see the download links for the five gifts… 7 Day Meal Plan, 99 Foods for Diabetics, How To Read a Food Label, Carb Count Cheat Sheet, and Alcohol That Works… for free!

P.P.P.S One last thing! While I’m thinking of it, let me go a little overboard:

Go ahead and keep these 5 Bonus Gifts… forever… even if you later ask for a refund. Let them be a permanent help in your journey to full, vibrant health.

So click the big order button below, and let’s get started together. “YES! Heal My Blood Sugar

Do you have a few more questions?

Well, I’m not one of those HMO docs so I’m not going to kick you out of my “office” when your time’s up… I’m here to make things clear!

Maybe you’re wondering…

  • Q: Are there any “Side Effects” to the Diabetes Reversal Recipe?▲A. Yes! There’s actually a really cool “Side Effect”…

    See, the moment you begin following the Diabetes Reversal Recipe, your body will stop over‑producing insulin…

    And that means your body becomes…

    A fat-burning furnace!

    Here’s why: Remember that insulin is a storage hormone — which means besides storing sugar, it also stores fat.

    Insulin puts your body on “Fat Lock-Down.” When insulin floods your body, you cannot burn fat. The fat in your arms, hips, and belly? Not going anywhere. You can’t get rid of it — no matter how many carrots you eat or crunches you do.

    But suddenly, when insulin is gone, your body looks at your fat storage as a gigantic energy source. It’s like a prospector that just found a pocket of oil. Then into the furnace it goes!

    Bye-bye gut, bye-bye love handles!

    That’s why so many people on the Diabetes Reversal Recipe easily melt stubborn pounds off their bodies — without even trying to lose weight. It happens automatically.

    Yes, you’ll look fantastic. Friends will demand to know what you’ve been doing. “Crash diet, eh?” They might think. “Liquid protein… living off celery, that sort of thing?”

    Nope. Not even close. Course, they may not believe you when you invite them to dinner and they see one of your meals…
  • Q: “This will help me lose fat??”▲A. That’s because one of the “secret ingredients” of the Diabetes Reversal Recipe is fat — and plenty of it.

    Like the fat in butter… cream… olive oil… a rich, marbled steak… chicken skins… bacon… fluffy scrambled eggs cooked in butter.

    You show someone that, they may refuse to believe you can eat that way and still melt off the pounds.

    But it’s true. Remember that when insulin is low, you burn fat as energy. You don’t store it. And since fat is twice as energetic as sugar, you get a lot more bang for the buck. Long lasting energy all day. No more fatigue, no more hunger pains.
  • Q: But isn’t too much fat bad for my heart?▲A. Nope. Despite decades of misinformation, studies show that eating fat — even saturated fat in meat and eggs — does not raise your risk of heart disease.

    For example, in a study that examined 347,747 people over 23 years, the scientists found NO LINK between saturated fat intake and heart disease and stroke. The people who ate more fat didn’t suffer more heart attacks.

    But you know what does raise your risk? High blood sugar!

    That’s because it makes your body over-produce harmful “LDL” cholesterol.

    And not just LDL cholesterol, but a specific kind: small, dense LDL particles.

    This is the deadly kind… it sinks to the bottom of your arteries and clumps up into sticky plaque. You do not want this. This plaque can dislodge and roam free in your blood vessels. When it runs into a narrow valve… like in your brain or heart… then Wham! It clogs shut. Blood flow shuts down… and that means a stroke or heart attack.

    That’s why, if you have high blood sugar, you face a 150% greater chance of suffering a stroke and a 190% increased risk of heart attacks. All the more reason to get high blood sugar under control with the Diabetes Reversal Recipe.
  • Q: Is there Scientific Proof behind the Diabetes Reversal Recipe?▲A. Scientists have tested meals like the Diabetes Reversal Recipe — which means they include a healthy amount of fat — and they discovered that, yes — people lose weight, and yes — people lower their blood sugar.

    Like Duke University scientist William Yancy. He tested this kind of meal in a peer-reviewed study. The prestigious journal Nutrition & Metabolism published the impressive results…

    After just 16 weeks eating this way, the participants saw their A1(c) — that’s your 3-month average blood sugar level — plummet 16%, from an average 7.5 to 6.3. Any doctor will tell you that kind of A1(c) improvement is huge.

    But what really convinced Dr. Yancy of the power of this plan… is when he had tos

    Cut The Blood Sugar Medicine From 81% Of The Participants!

    He reduced or completely eliminated their drugs, because their blood sugar was dropping so fast.

    Plus they lost an average of 19.2 pounds! That’s at least a couple notches off your belt!

    And a study by a Purdue University researcher and an Indianapolis hospital director found similar results. And this time the Perfect Diabetic Meal went head-to-head against the American Diabetes Association guidelines.

    You know, the ones that insist on low-fat meals like skim milk, rice cakes, and beans.

    Guess which plan dropped the most weight?

    The Diabetes Reversal Recipe Destroyed The ADA Diet!

    Their group lost 9 times as much weight (an average 19.4 pounds compared to the ADA’s 2.2 pounds)…

    …and they lowered their A1(c) while dropping many more medications than the ADA group!

    So that meant they could stop taking drugs and still lower their blood sugar!
  • Q: So why haven’t I heard about this plan in my doctor’s office?▲A. The proof is so conclusive for this plan, it boggles my mind that every doctor in the country isn’t on board.

    So what’s going on?

    Well, I can think of three reasons:



    and Money

    Money Reason Number One — ”managing diabetes” is a $31 billion annual business for drug companies. Year in, year out, and it gets bigger every year. Guess how much money “curing diabetes” brings home each year? Yep — zilch after the first year.

    Money Reason Number Two — The Perfect Diabetic Meal is a direct threat to the profits of Big Food Corporations and their slew of manufactured junk. If everyone starts eating Perfect Diabetic Meals, profits for these big companies tank. These fat cats have powerful political players in their pockets — like the government agencies that create nutrition guidelines. These decide what our children are fed in schools!

    (In fact, the phony “Food Pyramid” government guideline was “ghost-written” by players in the corn and wheat industry. They made sure these grains dominated the Food Pyramid. Even though this was the exact opposite of the original recommendation from respected nutritionist Dr. Louise Light. Unfortunately, Dr. Light didn’t have a few spare billion dollars sitting in her bank account to woo politicians.)

    Money Reason Number Three — Natural cures, like the Perfect Diabetic Meal, don’t require an office visit. No copays. No meeting deductibles. So how many insurance companies want to cover this kind of natural treatment?

    Now, I’m not tearing down doctors. Yes, they are hounded by reps from Big Pharma, who shower them with freebies and promise an easy income stream. And what a temptation! Many doctors aren’t earning much more than accountants these days, thanks to the bargaining power of HMOs and insurance companies.

    And yes, some doctors succumb, and push drugs that you don’t need. But I believe those are the exceptions.

    In my experience, the vast majority of doctors want the best for their patients.

    The problem is, nutrition and natural methods just aren’t part of their education. Most receive a scant 21 hours of nutrition training, out of 8 years of med school!

    And even when the results are staring them in the face, they still find it hard to accept something so new, just as Richard H. from Cooks, MI found when he showed my plan to his doctor. He told me:

    “My Doctor looked at your plan, and was shaking his head in disbelief… but he was extremely happy for my present condition. I am scheduled for a 3 month A1C so he can keep track of what’s happening to me. If all goes as it should, I think that in 3 months, he will have a new outlook on treating diabetes. He wants to believe me, but does not want to get into trouble.”

    Yes, you can face “trouble” from nervous hospital administrators when you try something that bucks the system. Even when it’s proven.

    Because even when study after study shows the Diabetic Reversal Recipe works, natural solutions like it can take a minimum of 10 years to reach your doctor’s office.

    I didn’t pull that number out of a hat either. An M.D. once stood up in the middle of one of my lectures and confirmed this to the rest of the audience.

    10 years is just too long a time to live with high blood sugar!

    But since you’ve decided to take charge of your health today, you don’t have to wait that long! You can start reversing your diabetes and heal your blood sugar today with the Diabetes Reversal Recipe.
  • Q: How Fast Can I Actually Reverse My Type II Diabetes?▲A. Look, I get it if you’ve tried “natural” methods before and they haven’t done squat for you. You’ve maybe read a lot of wild promises on the internet (it’s still the Wild West out here, I swear) so I can understand if you’re a little skeptical.

    And yes, maybe your body won’t respond as fast as some of the people you’ve heard from today. Everyone is different — and the last thing I want to do is give you false hope.

    So here is my very conservative outlook for what you can realistically expect when you follow my plan.

    After the first day or two, you will feel less sluggish. Your concentration will sharpen and your energy levels will ramp up (this is because you’ll be “feeding your brain” what it needs.)

    If you’re carrying around extra weight, you’ll likely see a pound or two drop from your waist after the first week. Your body is now switching to burning fat for energy. Expect the weight loss to continue.

    By about day 10, any sugar cravings will disappear. Now that your brain has “learned” that you don’t need constant sugar to meet its needs, it’ll stop pestering you for more.

    By the third month, if not before, I expect your blood sugar numbers to be lower, reflecting the repair taking place in your cells. This is when your doctor may tell you that you can reduce or stop taking insulin or oral medication. (Of course, I strongly recommend that you wait for their blessing first.)

    And how long until your blood sugar is in the normal range for good? When can you expect a complete reversal in your Type II Diabetes?

    If you follow the plan closely, then you can expect to make a full recovery between 12 and 18 months. I know that may seem like a long time, but it’s an eye-blink when you consider how many years of damage led you to this point.

    And think about it — how do you want to feel a year from now? Sick and relying on drugs that just mask symptoms? That do less for you each year, so you have to add another pill or injection to the mix? Blurry vision that keeps getting worse? Waking up every morning to shooting pains throughout your body, and living in fear of the day you wind up on an operating table?

    Or — do you want to wake up that day feeling more energetic and hopeful than you have in years? Feeling excited about the future… enjoying the extra money that would have gone to drugs and co-pays… and experiencing the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be around for the long haul?

That’s the kind of permanent change you can achieve from the Diabetes Reversal Recipe.

Still not sure?

Remember that you can get your entire purchase price back if you’re not happy with Smart Blood Sugar, so you’ve got nothing to lose —

So CLICK THE BIG BUTTON BELOW, and I’ll see you on the other side. “YES! Heal My Blood Sugar

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