Quora Mobile Computing Questions


Mobile Computing Questions.

1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cellular systems
with small cells.
2. Briefly explain the Frequency Division Multiplexing.
3. Write short notes on DHSS
4. Write short note on FHSS
5. Explain the GSM system architecture with a neat diagram.
6. Describe the security services provided by GSM.
7. Explain the protocol architecture of GSM for signaling.
8. Explain the architecture of GPRS with a neat diagram.
9. What are typical steps for handover in the GSM network?
10. Explain the steps involved in the call delivery procedure in GSM
11. Compare Hyperlink and Bluetooth in terms of ad-hoc
capabilities, power saving mode, solving hidden terminal problems,
providing reliability fairness problems regarding channel access.
12. Write short notes on wireless PAN?
13. Explain the operation of DFWMAC_DCF with a neat timing
14. Draw the MAC frame of 802.11 and list the use of the fields.(8)
15. Describe Hyperlink architectural components and their
16. Explain the architecture of Wi-Fi in detail.
17. Explain the system architecture of IEEE802.
18. Describe the architecture of WiMAX in detail.
19. Compare and Contrast Wi-Fi and WiMax.
20. Briefly explain about BRAN.
21. Explain in detail about Wireless ATMs.
22. Explain the information bases and networking of adhoc
23. Discuss MAC layer Bluetooth system
24. Show the steps required for a handover from one FA to another
FA including layer-2 and layer-3. Assume 802.11layer-2.
25. Name the inefficiencies of Mobile IP regarding data forwarding
from CN to MN. What are the optimizations possible?
26. What are the differences between wired networks and ad-hoc
networks related to routing?
27. What is the need for DHCP? Does a state chart explain the
operation of DHCP?
28. List the entities involved in mobile IP and describe the process of
data transfer from a mobile node to a fixed node and vice versa.
29. Why is conventional routing in wired networks not suitable for
wireless networks? Substantiate your answers with suitable examples.
30. Discuss DSDV routing in detail.
31. Describe how the multicast routing is done in ad-hoc networks.
32. Explain how tunneling works in general and especially for mobile
IP using IP-in-IP,MINIMAL, and generic routing encapsulation,
respectively. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these
three methods.
33. How does dynamic source routing handle routing? What is the
motivation between dynamic source routing compared to other routing
algorithms from fixed networks?
34. Briefly explain about CGSR.
35. Compare and Contrast about Proactive and Reactive routing
36. Explain the mechanisms of TCP that influence the efficiency in
the mobile Environment.
37. Explain the operation of Mobile TCP.
38. Compare and Contrast Traditional and Mobile TCP.
39. Why has a scripting language been added to WML? How can this
language help saving bandwidth and reducing delay?
40. Which WTP class reflects the typical web access best? How is
unnecessary overhead avoided when usingWSP on top of this class of
web browsing?
41. State the requirements of WAP. Explain its architectural
42. Explain WML and WML scripts with an example.
43. What is WTP? Discuss about its classes.
44. Explain the architecture of WTA.
45. What are the design and implementation issues in mobile device
operating Systems?
46. Explain the operating system issues related to miniature devices.
47. Explain the commercial mobile operating systems.
48. Describe the software Development kit with an example.


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