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What is a good do-it-yourself topping that works for meat, fish, and chicken?

The only sauce I can think of that would work well with all three would be a blend of soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. The ratio of those ingredients is entirely up to you. It’s flavourful enough to be a sauce but neutral enough to work with absolutely anything.

Although it will work, I don’t suggest doing it since you could get a far better pairing if you didn’t think of an ‘all-in-one’ sauce.

I use different sauces all the time but for me the most popular ones I use would be:

Red meat (except Lamb): Worcestershire sauce-based sauce

Sometimes it’s a blend of Worcestershire sauce and tomato (ketchup), sometimes Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce and peppercorn.

Lamb: Mint and Garlic sauce

Honestly, I just mix store-bought mint sauce with store-bought garlic oil. It does the trick. If your lamb isn’t already flavoured with rosemary, then add it in the sauce. You just can’t have lamb without rosemary and garlic.

Chicken: Mint and Yoghurt sauce (anything similar to tzatziki)

Again, I cheat and just mix store-bought mint sauce with store-bought Greek yoghurt. For something so simple, it tastes bloody amazing.

Fish: Rémoulade

My type of rémoulade is very similar to tartare sauce. It’s essentially: Mayonnaise, Lemon juice, Lots of parsley, Diced shallot and cucumber

I guess it could be possible to merge my mint and yoghurt sauce, and rémoulade into a single thing and thus being able to use the same sauce for both chicken and fish. I have made rémoulade with 50/50 mayo and yoghurt and it still tasted great.

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